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May 2024: New Moon themes, rituals, & more

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Welcome back, friends! Kasia here, Founder of In Flow taking a moment to publish this blog. 

We're continuing our New Moon series with a blog that's diving deep into the themes, astrological significances, and more for this month's New Moon with our in-house astrologer, Aldana. 

In designing In Flow I've found myself deeply drawn to the New Moon time frame. Just as every period cycle for me is a time to reflect and start again, the New Moon offers us a collective opportunity to do so. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women may have cycled with the moon (back before the advent of light) and I think taking a moment to honor the start of a cycle (in nature) is a powerful way to not just connect to ourselves and our own feminine nature - but the feminine cycles of Mother Earth. It's also an opportunity to practice this reflection collectively.

Curious? Read on to learn about what to expect this New Moon and how to honor this cycle. 

Taurus New Moon: "Spoil your senses"

Hey there! Let's talk about the New Moon in Taurus we'll be having tonight at 8:22 pm PST!

As we've said during the New Moon in Aries, this is a prime time for fresh starts and a great chance to manifest your biggest desires.

While Aries moon energy was all about action, now it's all about chill vibes and serenity. Taurus energy is slow, smooth, and all about enjoying the little things in life. And it comes with the exciting opportunity of stepping out of your comfort zone! Something that often challenges us and even scares us a bit is vital for our growth and self-improvement.

Just like on the first day of our period, you can use this New Moon time to be introspective and treat yourself to some self-care. Follow your intuition! Whether you're craving some yummy food, a trip to the spa, a delicious drink, or whatever you need. Take care of yourself like you deserve and like this Moon suggests.

Taurus always invites us to spoil our senses, so engage all five in whatever way feels right for you! Listen to your body and needs.

This month's New Moon theme: change, change, change, baby!

The New Moon will be happening at degree 18 of Taurus, sharing its energies with planets like Jupiter and Uranus. This doesn't happen often! Since these planets move very slowly, it's unusual for them to coincide.

This can bring chaos for all zodiac signs, especially for the very chill Taurus, who doesn't enjoy the sudden changes and movements that Jupiter and Uranus can bring. While Jupiter has fiery energy and Uranus is airy, Taurus is pure earth. So, the stability of the earth is challenged by the turbulence of fire and air.

The first few days might be a bit stressful, but things calm down afterward. The New Moon on May 7 will mark a fresh start and allow us to pick up projects.

Be patient, navigate the strong movements calmly, try to flow with the changes, and when things relax a bit, challenge your comfort zone. Always with love and patience for yourself!

"Taurus is a grounded sign: how can you take time to reconnect with nature this New Moon?"

  1. Take a walk in nature, go barefoot, and feel the earth beneath your feet. Whether it's at a park, in your garden, wherever you can and want to.
  2. Try a slow, introspective yoga class. (Inspiration)
  3. Then, follow a guided grounding meditation. (Inspiration)
  4. Give thanks to Mother Earth for all she provides. Bonus: take a moment to step outside into the New Moon night!
Taurus New Moon

Symbolism, mantra, & breathwork for this New Moon

  • Symbol: Queen of Pentacles card. Consider keeping it in your wallet or wherever you can carrying it with you. It represents nurturing, abundance, and the embodiment of practical wisdom and care!
  • Mantra: "I have the courage to take on new challenges.”
  • Breathing exercise: practice being mindful of the space you're occupying. Breathe in the clean air with calm and serenity as you listen to the sounds of nature. (P.S. Kasia note: I love to meditate with the sounds of birds first thing in the morning. I noticed that at sunrise and sunset, the birds are the loudest - it is as though they are greeting the sun and the moon at the start and end of every day! One of the benefits of an early AM practice :))
Queen of Pentacles

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