We believe embodiment is your birthright.

In a world tailored to the male testosterone cycle, synchronized with the sun's rise and fall, the female infradian rhythm frequently goes unnoticed. We are instructed to dismiss our inherent bodily cues, desires, and natural pace. However, it is precisely these subtle signals that shape our internal guidance system. Remarkable transformations occur when women reconnect with their ✨ intuition, embrace their cycle, and flow with it - and that's what we advocate for. Meet some of the women behind In Flow.

Ada Kamienobrocka DESIGN VISIONARY

Hi, I’m Ada. I’m a girl who loves to create things and make my mark on the world with good design. I started my adventure with art 10 years ago at the Academy of Fine Arts, and continue it to this day. I have done creative work in fields such as architecture, graphic design, and art direction. I have created many advertising and social campaigns. I believe in the power of effective storytelling through design, as I believe it is necessary and powerful for communication.

As a woman, I value female independence, strength, and courage. I believe in equality and freedom. Therefore, this project is critical to me, not only for creative reasons but also for female awareness. I believe that every person who identifies as a woman should live in harmony with herself and gain strength in everyday life.

Dr. Danielle Wright-Terrell, OB-GYN

Hi, I’m Dr. Wright! By day, I’m an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OBGYN); by night, I’m a mother navigating through the enchanting chaos of parenthood. My voyage into motherhood planted a deep-seated belief in me: every mother, everywhere, deserves a sanctuary of empowerment and support. Thus, Honey was born - a cozy, virtual haven of motherly camaraderie and wisdom, curated and delivered with care. At Honey, we passionately weave a sanctuary for nurturers, illuminating a future brightened by the well-being and joy of every mother we embrace.

I’m thrilled to contribute to this planner because believe it aligns with Honey’s mission to enhance postpartum wellness. Honey is a virtual place where every incredible mom is celebrated, understood, and profoundly supported; learn more about Honey at honeycoachingteam.com.

Kasia Stiggelbout FOUNDER

I’m Kasia. I’m a wellness entrepreneur and podcast host, on a mission to find balance between my goal-oriented, hustle side and my feminine, embodied energy. I spent 11 years leading product development and operations at companies like Microsoft, TEDx, and AI startups in Silicon Valley, but after crippling burn-out flared my autoimmune disease and dis-regulated my hormones, I know I needed to re-evaluate how I was living my life.

I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and upon graduating, I left my corporate job, jumping into a life pivot. This planner is work from my heart, an act of reshaping a relationship with my body, a reclamation of my cycle and my flow that I’ve resisted for most of my life. It is the planner I wish existed, and it is my gift to you.