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April 2024 New Moon: ritual, astrology, & mysticism

Hey, I'm Aldana (but you can call me Aldi).


I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.I’m an astrologer, tarot reader, and the owner of an esoteric store called Spiritualis.

In honor of the New Moon, I’m going to be diving into Moon energy, rituals, and symbolism.

My intention is to introduce you to the Moon’s powerful depths to help you cultivate your own relationship with the moon and this new cycle.

When thinking about the Moon, the first thing that comes to my mind is our most loving energy, the one that watches over us and protects us.

In astrology, we say that our mothers usually represent this vibe, meaning that she adopts our moon energy and reflects it on us. Just like the moon reflects the sunlight.

I especially think about my grandmothers, their stories, all the challenges they've had to overcome, and how they've grown stronger. The joy of playing dice or cards with them, enjoying a delicious family lunch on a Sunday afternoon, having fun, and making great memories with them. You see, I've got a Taurus Moon, so enjoyment always shows up!

Aldana, Astrologer and owner of Spiritualis
Aldana, Astrologer and owner of Spiritualis

The Moon is our feminine energy, which some may see reflected in their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or even in male figures who may have fulfilled those roles. Remember, we're talking about energies, not gender per se; it's a role that both women and men can embody. But I feel that, as women, it resonates with us in special ways.

Understanding how the Moon works will help us better understand our own energies and how the various events that occur in the sky affect us in our earthly life.

APRIL 8th 2024: NEW MOON

On April 8th at 11:20 am (Pacific Time), we will have a New Moon in Aries.

And perhaps you are wondering: What does this mean?

The New Moon is a crucial moment in astrology that occurs when the Moon and the Sun align in the same zodiacal degree, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. At this time, the Moon is not visible from Earth, representing a time of darkness that invites internal reflection.

Astrologically, it is a great moment to set intentions, start projects, and plant the seeds for future achievements. 

We will later see the results of work at the next Full Moon.

We can even connect the New Moon with our menstrual cycle! Considering it as the first day of our menstruation. This means that the time is perfect for letting go of what doesn’t belong to you anymore or isn’t making you happy, cleansing your personal and environmental energies, and taking special care of yourself.

The New Moon in Aries radiates a bold and pioneering spirit. It is a period charged with fiery energy, where determination and courage soar. 

Aries shows us how to take initiative with confidence and bravery. Lunar darkness encourages exploring personal authenticity and defining bold goals. Under this influence, the seeds planted promise rapid growth and dynamic transformation. The New Moon in Aries is perfect to initiate exciting chapters, invoking the fearless and passionate essence that drives overcoming any obstacle with courage.

Furthermore, we will be able to observe a conjunction with Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun. It's especially important here that we pay attention to our words. Our tongue can be a very sharp weapon, which Aries has no problem wielding, but if we manage to speak promptly, saying things in loving ways, we'll achieve much more than by using brute force. Be careful not to keep things you want to say bottled up inside; don't swallow your words, because that can lead to an explosion. Illuminate your mind, your ideas, and your thoughts, and let that illumination reflect wisdom in your words.

Emotions might be running high; try to breathe and create moments of calm to clarify your thoughts. The energies are favorable for fulfilling all those pending purposes, but you need mental and emotional clarity to achieve those desires. Shape them, create an action plan, and let nothing and no one stop you.

We will also observe a total solar eclipse over Mexico, the USA, and Canada. In astrology, an eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs when the Moon, in its orbit around the Earth, aligns with the Sun and the Earth in such a way that it temporarily blocks the sunlight. Eclipses are considered opportunities for an even more profound change and transformation.

As you can see, there are thousands of energies and changes happening all at once! This can feel overwhelming, and the best thing you can do is to be loving and patient with yourself. Take care of your energy so you can give your all, as you can't give what you don't have.

Aries New Moon 2024 April
Zoltan Tasi, Unsplash


1. Write down all your intentions for this new cycle. Keep them positive and in the present tense. Here are some ideas:

"I am surrounded by love and positive energy."

"I live in harmony with Mother Earth and the Universe."

"I am deserving of good and wonderful things."

"I am open to the gifts that the Universe has prepared for me."

Write them down on paper, taking your time, listening to your favorite music, and lighting a candle or an incense that you enjoy. Keep it simple but mindful. You don't need the fanciest elements to create a powerful ritual. However, you must be connected with the energy flowing at the moment of doing it.

3. Set the paper on fire using the candle you lit or a match. I personally prefer using a match over a lighter, but if it's the same for you, go ahead! In my experience, using natural elements often works better, but it's not a rule, just an opinion! 

(P.S. safety first! Light this over a bowl of water in a fire safe environment)

4. While the paper burns, you can repeat the phrase: "As it is, so it shall be, it is done." By using this affirmation, you are reinforcing the words you wrote down.

Intentions set or events initiated during this New Moon could reach their peak of manifestation or resolution during the Full Moon in Aries of October 17th. Certain themes or energies activated in April may resurface prominently during the October Full Moon. Keep track of your intentions and compare how things unfold.


Amulet 👉 Get a red protection bracelet. It can even be a red ribbon that you tie around your wrist. Remember to intend strength and protection as you put it on.

Mantra 👉 "Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what could be."

Breathing exercise 👉 Boxed breathing

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