Ladies, most productivity tools weren't designed for us.

Almost all planners are designed for men - where every day is the same. And it makes sense! Male hormones refresh every 24 hours but female hormones refresh over 28 days. These ebbs and flows impact a woman's energy, creativity, and productivity. In Flow helps women align their schedules with their energy, helping women truly find well-being and thrive. 

  • Feminine Productivity

    Optimize your schedule with your energy

  • Science meets Wellness

    OB-GYN backed

  • Inclusive

    For those who bleed & those who do not.

How we're different

  • Designed exclusively for women; find flow
  • Align your diet, schedule, & movement with your energy
  • 3 cycles (90+ days) of content
  • Track changes over time
  • Simple tips for diet, movement, productivity
  • OB/GYN backed
  • Bonus: journaling prompts, playlists, & more!
  • Inclusive: for those who bleed & those who don't
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  • Daily Tips

    Simple, actionable daily tips provide small but powerful steps to reconnect with your body. 

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  • Holistic Guidance

    In Flow offers wisdom around diet, movement, and spirituality, helping you connect with mind, body, and spirit.

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  • Science & Ancestral Wisdom

    Merges research-backed science with ancestral wisdom, In Flow balances art and science. 

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  • Personalized & Measureable

    Aligned with your body so you can attune to your cycle. Embedded assessment helps you measure impact.

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Real Women, Real Stories

"Opting for a physical planner over an online calendar has made cycle syncing more intuitive and personal for me. The act of physically jotting down my cycle milestones allows me to reflect on patterns and emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of my body and enhancing my overall well-being."


"This planner does what I’ve always wanted someone to do: help me through each 28 days using ancient AND modern science.  Using the moon as a guide, along with tracking my own hormonal cycle, I have clear understanding of how much energy I have each day and where best to direct it. "


"After being diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders, life asked me to slow down and learn how to tune into my body. The flow planner is a fantastic way to incorporate body-awareness into my daily intention-setting, while balancing life's other goals. "

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